Tuesday, February 2, 2016

London - Churchill War Rooms and Hyde Park

Andrew and Erika flew into London on a Friday and spent the day doing most of the big tourist sites, while I worked. Brett took the day off to show them around. As we do with most of our guests, we spend the first evening at a pub, to give our guests the opportunity to taste the local fare of proper fish and chips and cask ales.
Most of London's museums are free however there are a select few that cost a bit of money. For these spots we typically wait until one of our guests indicate they want to go. So out of two years Andrew and Erika were the guests that requested to go see the Churchill War Rooms.
The war rooms is where Churchill ran the war. It is a series of underground rooms nearby 10 Downing Street, whereby Churchill houses his finest war experts. After the war was won, they dropped their pencils, grabbed their jackets, turned the key and didn't look back for decades. It wasn't until many years later they uncovered the untouched war rooms and decided to turn it into a museum.

All the old maps with pins on the coordinates of the nazis were still there. The small room that Churchill slept in. The windowless rooms, whereby everyone would smoke heavily... Most definitely causing lung cancer the first day on site.

Churchill used to stand on the roof of the building during raids, apparently he didn't want to be seen hiding underground while his enemy attacked his country.
After the War Rooms we had lunch at a beautiful spot in Hyde park and made our way to Peter Pans statue and Kensington Palace.
Kensington palace is a bit of a drag, you're expecting something our of a Disney movie as this is where Kate and William live, but really it's just a brown brick building- with a very impressive front lawn.
We had dinner in Covent Garden that night at a tapas restaurant, a premonition of our week trip ahead in Spain!

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