Monday, February 1, 2016

Cambridge - Day trip from London

We are often asked if in our time here in London, whether we have traveled much outside of London. We actually have done quite a few day trips. In September we spent the day in Cambridge with 7 other American expats.

Unfortunately the one weekend we picked to visit Cambridge was also induction weekend and all the significant buildings on campus were closed. But when in doubt in England, a pub is always the right way to go.

So we found ourselves a cosy spot in a pub and enjoyed a long lunch.
Afterwards we decided to paddle up and down the canals of Cambridge. I believe they call it the Venice of England, as the boats and the stick they use to move the boat was very similar to the gondolas in Venice.
The punter (the person driving the boat) stands on the back on a wooden platform and guides the boat with a really long pole that you move in the water to indicate direction and speed.

We all took bets on who would be the first to fall in- all bets were on Justin, but fortunately or unfortunately no one fell in. But apparently the risk of falling in is less than one would think- only about 1 per day.

Only one brave girl tried this out, all the others spent their time drinking prosecco I and eating delicious stinky cheese.

We wondered around pub hoping the rest of the day, but at the end of the day, didn't really get to experience much of this town, so would like to return when school is in session!

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