Thursday, July 25, 2013

We are moving to London!

My husband and I have always dreamed of living abroad, and for the most part I always thought this was only a dream and that it would never be feesible for us to leave our family, friends and our beloved city of Chicago.

Brett and I were watching House Hunters International one evening when Brett turned to me and asked how I felt about moving abroad for a few years: London, Germany, China ect. After deciding that this was a route we wanted to take, Brett brought up the idea of a rotation, or seconment in Europe with his company. Four months later, and enough anxiety to push even Jimmy Buffett over the edge, we have finally been offered a rotation in London with an anticipated move date of mid October!

It's pretty crazy to think that in less than three months, we will be living in another country! Espcially because I have never been to London! Everyone I have talked to says they love London, and coming from another big city like Chicago, I am hoping the transition won't be as difficult as we are anticipating.

Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing our experiences in getting ready to move abroad... what we sold, what we are keeping, and things we need before we head over there. If you have any tips or advice about moving abroad I would love to hear them!

I plan to use this space to share our travels, adventures, afternoon coffee breaks and challenges from moving abroad with our loved ones at home. I will also use this blog as a personal journal so that one day I can look back on all the fun places I have been and what I learned.

I hope you continue reading my posts and feel free to leave as many comments as you would like. Thanks very much for stopping by!

<3 Mary