Friday, July 26, 2013

Accepting our Offer

pic: Taking Fountain

So we officially received and accepted our offer today! Our official move date is October 13th! So I believe our first contact regarding moving to London was back in April. So it has taken about three months from the inception of the idea, to receiving an official offer to move. I can't believe it only took three months, because believe me, it has felt like 6 months! We would go through month long periods without any updates to the process of the possibility.

Having an official move date helps with so much. Being able to start selling things, packing and ability for me to start looking for a job. I am currently a financial analyst at a large insurance company in Chicago, and have prior experience as an external auditor. My husband is in a similar field and will be doing healthcare transaction services with KPMG. Fortunately because we are married, I will receive a spousal visa. This is helpful because one of the largest challenges in obtaining a job as an expat is obtaining a visa.

Brett and I plan to be in London for at least two years with the eventual plans to return to the United States. We are so excited to be able to share this experience with one another. I think this will be a great opportunity to develop and strengthen our marriage, as I am sure there will be many obstacles that we will encounter during our move.

So I'm going to go off track here for a second- but I can't help think how lucky and blessed I really am. I haven't been very active in my religion recently but the other night I felt compelled to just take a minute and thank God for everything he has blessed me with. In high school I never would have dreamed that my life would play out the way it has. I feel like Charlotte from SATC movie where she is scared that something bad is going to happen to her because her life is so perfect. Now, I wouldn't say that my life is perfect, but it's perfect enough for me!

As we prepare to leave and begin to tell people we are moving, I am starting to get a little choked up. Since Brett and I live in Chicago, I was wondering how many more times my parents would see me if I lived in the States as opposed to when I move abroad. I counted that my parents on average see me 8 times a year with us living in Chicago, and when we move to London, it will only be 2-3 (Christmas, parents visit, maybe one more trip home).

So that was a little upsetting to think about. Like my extremely wise Grandmother said to me "People don't live and die in Cincinnati anymore, and you have to take advantage of these opportunities while you have the chance". She is pretty much the most amazing person I've ever met, and I will miss her beyond words. She doesn't have internet in her house, so my Mom will have to figure out a way for her to Skype with me.

That's it for today. Going to try and enjoy this weekend in Chicago as I won't have too many left!

Thanks so much for reading!

<3 Mary


  1. hahaha i thought your comment about "I feel like Charlotte from SATC movie" was going toward the pooping her pants comment. OOPS.

    i will miss you so much lady!

    1. haha that would have been a better read! But I think I deserve to have one of those moments! I'll let you know when that happens!

  2. This clock on the right is moving wayyyyyyy to fast!

  3. finally checked out your blog -- great lunch read! so excited for you two :)

    1. Yeaa! Thanks for reading, Mandy!! <3