Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lake Como - September 2015

The next stop on our Italian vacation was Lake Como. A massive lake in Italy where many small villages, all with very colorful houses, are built along the waters’ edge. We took the train from Milan and arrived into Varenna, from which we took the ferry over to Bellagio, where we stayed for three nights. The picture below is of Bellagio. 
We took the ferry back over to Varenna for one day, so that we could do a small hike up the side of the mountain. And we stopped at a Hotel du Lac for a beautiful excuse to take a bathroom break and enjoy a bottle of prosecco.
On our way back to Bellagio, the winds made a drastic turn and a rainstorm ensued. Not ideal, but it made for some very pretty pictures. 

The next day we rented a ski boat and putted around the lake taking in the scenery and enjoying a few bottles of prosecco, kind of theme on our Italy holiday, wine wine and more wine. I think Dale was ready for a beer by the time he got back to the States. But of course after two bottles of prosecco, the two girls needed to make a pit stop into nature’s own toilet, and considering we didn't have any bathing suits on, it was quite a remarkable bonding moment for Tina and I, sun dresses and all. 
Lake Como was much cooler temperature-wise than Florence and Tuscany, and it was a great break from the heat. 

Our last stop on our Italian vacation was a day in Venice. As most of you know, Brett and I got engaged in Venice in 2011. Engagement story to follow.

Our Italy holiday was one of our favorites, and we can’t wait to go back!

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