Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Catching up and Happy New Year!

Wow, so much has happened since the last time I posted. I wanted to catch everyone up with what we have been up to these last few months.

We visited Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, in early December. A town that at it's center is a medieval castle built atop a huge hill formed by volcanic activity. The views from the castle allowed a 360 degree view of the surrounding lands and the Southern shore of the Firth or Fourth. Aside from touring the city, we spent a lot of our time in the pubs, drinking the local cask ales and whiskys, listening to folk music accompanied by none other than bagpipes. 

The following weekend, we rented a car with our American friends and took a day trip to tour the English countryside. This included Salisbury, Stonehenge and the city of Bath, named after the Roman bath houses that are still functioning today. We also caught a glimpse of one of the original copies of the Magna Carta.

We were lucky enough to be able to fly back home to Cincinnati for Christmas and New Year, but not lucky enough for our travel plans to go perfect. Our commute to Cincinnati from London took over 24 hours. And for our return flight, due to the polar vortex and the immense amount of snow hitting the States, we encountered three cancelled flights and arrived in London three days after we intended. But it was worth it to be able to see our family and friends during the Christmas season.

So with the new year upon us, I can't wait for all our adventures to start! Here is just some of the traveling we have booked for the year! Cheers to 2014, can it really get any better?!

February: Skiing in the French Alps, Meribel, France
April: Celebrating Easter week in Seville and Malaga, Spain
Late May: A week long trip with Brett's parents traveling to Paris and the French Riviera
June: Weekend in Amsterdam with our friends from Cincinnati
August: Ireland/ Scotland
September: Octoberfest, Munich
November: "ORLANDDOOOO, my favorite place... Sea World and Disney and Putt Put Golfing!". Our best friends are getting marrieddd!!

But with all this travel booked, it has lead to my New Year's resolutions:
1. Find a job to help pay for all this travel
2. Post more frequently on my blog
3. Go to church more often (this is a reoccurring resolution)

If you want to check out all the pictures I have taken so far, click on the slideshow on the on the side of my blog for a link to my public Picasa web albums.



  1. I am SO JEALOUS of that travel calendar!

    Adopt me, please!

    1. Ahh that would be wonderfulll! Our apartment is definitely big enough for two more people and a little baby girl!

  2. Hi! I've really enjoyed checking out your blog :) if you need any Oktoberfest tips let me know, I've been there 4 times since it's so close to us :)